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Our solutions Decorative finishes
Our solutions

Decorative finishes

Barge bronze
Gilded bronze
Marbled bronze
Black chrome
Bright or satin copper
Antique nickel
Bright or satin nickel
Brushed nickel
Brushed smoke nickel
Matt nickel
Gold (range from 0.25N to 3N)
Bright pink gold
Varnished antique silver
Varnished brushed silver
Varnished antique tin
Varnished tortoiseshell

Our solutions Processes
Our solutions


- Polishing: manual, buffing, mechanical, all finishes
- Metallised composites
- Mechanical preparation: tribofinishing, bead blasting,
- Chrome plating: matt, bright, brushed, black, long lengths
- Gold plating: matt, bright, brushed, all shades
- Nickel plating: electrolytic, electroless, black, matt, bright,
brushed, long lengths
- Silver plating: matt, bright, brushed, antique
- Bronze: yellow, white, matt, bright, brushed, antique
- Precious metal plating: gold, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium
- Brass plating: matt, bright, brushed, antique
- Copper plating: matt, bright, brushed, antique
- Antique patinas
- Paints, varnishes and lacquers
- Restoration and manufacturing
- Electroless nickel
We have recently added a new silver spray process to our range.

Our solutions Our savoir-faire
Our solutions

Our savoir-faire

Our specialists will guide you in the choice of finish best adapted
to your project.
From extravagant decoration to luxurious sophistication, there is
an extensive range of finishes to choose from.
Every year we develop new decorative finishes.
Discover the new finishes obtained on all base materials using
metal spraying. The results are spectacular!

Reliability and reactivity
Our strength is to have adapted the skills of traditional
craftsmanship to an industrial context in order to meet customer
Our workshops - polishing, treatments, paint and varnish, metal
spraying - are organised to optimise work flow and reduce lead
Decorative finishing is the final process in the production cycle.
We strive to provide the highest quality finishes in the shortest
turnaround time. Optimised procedures and an accredited
quality system enable us to meet these requirements.

Protec Decors On video

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